Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Southern Belle Dress

Here is the beautiful dress that I purchased on Ebay. What a wonderful time I had in this dress at the Petticoats and Parasols Art Event in April. I thank the wonderful Ebay Seller that I purchased it from Dee from FiddleDeeDee Mercantile. If you need a dress look her up on Ebay she has many beautiful dresses!


Honey Lamb and I said...

You looked beautiful in it!! Love the way you have it displayed on the lawn!! Wish we could go back to that time in Savannah!!! Miss you girl! ~Shelley

Sylvia Smith said...

Thanks Shelley and yes I do wish we could go back to that time, it was amazing. This picture is actually the picture taken by Dee the lady that I purchased it from. She takes pictures like this of all of her dresses for her Ebay listings.