Sunday, March 18, 2012

Once upon a dream vendor night

 Sylvia Cruz Smith Vendor Night

 Shelley Rodgers Burgess Vendor Night

 Claxton Farms this is where our Friday workshop was held

 My workspace at the workshop

Claxton Farms

Some of my Projects

Things I made


 Laurel for Tracy Boyle
 My Prairie Dress

 Great boots- Purchase on Ebay and I still wear them.

 Vintage WB about 5x3 originally this was green and tan. I think Pink looks beautiful.

Gift Presentation Package

Once Upon A Dream 2011

I am a few months late posting these photos and have alot of catching up to do with my blog and my blogging friends. These are from Jenn's Workshop Oct 13-16, 2011" Once Upon a Dream"
 Sylvia Cruz Smith

 Some of my beautiful Friends Nancy Reffle, Sylvia Cruz Smith, Shelley Rodgers Burgess, Tricia Johnson at Claxton Farms in Asheville NC

 Shelley Rodgers Burgess and Nancy Reffel, Claxton Farms

 Sylvia Cruz Smith, Grace Palazzolo, Heidi Meyer and Tracy Boyle at the Biltmore Estate

 That's me

 Art Workshop

 Sylvia Cruz Smith & Jennifer Hayslip vendor night

 Tracy Boyle at Claxton farms

Sweet Shelley Rodgers Burgess and Sylvia Smith 2011

My Art room and other pretty things